Who we are

We are funhaüs2. We create the future of specialized wheelchairs by custom making parts and addons for them.

Our small company of 4 can help you reach your goals easier.

Brandon Goldstein | Leader

Brandon is our team leader, who makes sure we are doing our work and such. He keeps us all in line, and makes sure all of the works gets done on a timely and orderly basis. If one of us is absent, sick, or unable to complete our work, he will help us accomplish it.

Max Strizhenko | Engineer

Max is our engineer who will design and build the project. He uses advanced modeling skills and techniques to help create very accurate models of the wheelchair to be made. It will help us and help you understand the design and science behind your funhaüs2 wheelchair.

Anders Brockway | Scientist

Anders is our scientist, he is in charge of our concept and is behind on how everything works. He analyses scientific data and formulas to help design a cost-effective wheelchair, while still being able to meet your needs and desires.

Mark Gambardella | Designer

Mark is our designer who designs make the appearance and visual aspects of our company. He will design the visual aspects of your funhaüs2 wheelchair, which can help it make look fashionable in addition to effective in use and in cost.